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Salmon Farming impacts in Chiloe

Salmon Farming impacts in Chiloe 778 387 GSFR

By Centinela Patagonia, Chiloe, Chile

“Salmon Farming impacts in Chiloe”
By Centinela Patagonia

Grant Amount: 4000 USD
Duration: One Year ( 2022 )
From: Chiloe, Chile

After more than three decades, the Chiloé archipelago continues to bear the weight of the salmon industry’s impact. This is where salmon farming first took root in Chile, leading to a normalisation and acceptance of its presence. The significance lies in the current focus on Magallanes, the southernmost region, which has been embroiled in a two-year struggle for pristine waters, while Chiloé’s plight remains overlooked.

Centinela Patagonia embarked on its inaugural expedition to explore the inner fjords of the Chiloé archipiélago. The team concentrated on two distinct areas: the Comau Fjord, heavily impacted by farming, and the Tic-Toc area, which remains relatively untouched. The goal was to draw a comprehensive comparison between the two environments across various facets.

Over a span of 10 days, they sailed in search of innovative approaches to confront this substantial challenge. Armed with sound samples and scientific analysis, they assembled a proficient team combining scientific expertise with a crucial audiovisual dimension. During the expedition, they documented plastic waste produced by the salmon industry through both ship and drone footage. They collected water samples and engaged in passive acoustic monitoring within some salmon farms to measure noise levels, data valuable for future campaigns.

The GSFR grant was used to fund the expedition, gathering ample information and video material to craft a concise video. This video aims to enhance awareness among citizens and the global community, showcasing the persistently adverse impact of salmon farming on Chiloé and its coastal regions.

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