#DoNotRenew 778 387 GSFR

By British Columbia, Canada

By Clayquot Action and Watershed Watch

Grant Amount: 8000 USD
Duration: One Year ( 2022 )
From: British Columbia, Canada

In 2022, a significant opportunity arose in British Columbia, Canada, as federal licences for open-net fish farms were set to expire on June 30th. CLAYOQUOT ACTION and WATERSHED WATCH -both active members of the GSFR- organised a campaign to publicly put pressure on the Minister of Fisheries not to renew the licences, and to bring public attention to the expiring fish farm licences deadline and drive citizen engagement.
The funds received enabled them to increase awareness in the region through artistic signs, a huge floating banner, and a flotilla jointly created with a prominent First Nations member. It was attended by Indigenous representatives from many Nations.

They creatively posted giant paper sea lice parasites on politicians’ office windows, garnering media attention and online sharing. Funds also supported digital tools, volunteer efforts, and resulted in over 6,950 emails and 825 phone calls from supporters.


Collaboration among different countries, local leaders, organisations, and individuals led the local government to limit salmon farm licence renewals to 2 years, from the previous 6, a significant stride towards federal commitment.

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